Folks are spending hours and it seems like everyone has their own unique problem

Folks are spending hours and it seems like everyone has their own unique problem


I played with PSO EP 12 along with the Plus version. Hundreds of hours with solo and friends and my brother. After we got a GC, it had been most of my youth. I really like the feel. It seems like the games while having that feel for this. The pso2 sales problems I had with installing were pretty simple to fix. Just had to complete my upgrade that is win10 and that was all. Not much completed levelling so far, but I am still trying to get to understand everything in a far more expanded than the originals. It Pay to Enjoy, although It is not Pay to Win. Not having complete access to the AH is pretty shitty. The cap on Orders are dull and grating to handle. I'm sure there are things worth mentioning but those are my grievances.

The Phantasy Star Online 2 NA PC launch

1 look at the reddit will provide you a rough idea, but basically Phantasy Star Online 2 started on the windows shop, and each major problem stems from it. Besides the fact the PC version released a whopping 3 weeks after the xbox one without a beta to check anything, the servers were flooded to full capacity (For comparison, the server blocks generally had 2-3 complete per boat and now virtually each one got pushed past capability and they needed to add almost 40 more blocks to each ship. Quite literally 90% of the playerbase was PC players awaiting patiently.) Nevertheless, the real shitshow is not the fact they did not think to open a different boat to meet with the requirement, or even the fact the NA version is very badly optimized (weirdly enough the Japanese version apparently doesn't possess the framerate issues NA has).

Folks are spending hours and it seems like everyone has their own unique problem. People have needed to alter windows permissions for folders, so I've seen files be deleted and deleted randomly from the computer itself and seemingly users even experience problems where Phantasy Star Online 2 will somehow retain the utilized data that was simply deleted, so there's like 70 gb of worthless data consumed on your hard disk that you can't get rid of without a powershell script.

It's legit among the most fucked up launches I've ever seen for a game and it seems to be completely because Sega attempted to shake the Microsoft xbox live shit in their match and refuse to release it onto steam. Oh yeah, it is cheap meseta pso2 a windows shop game from the way. Ironically, preparing a Japanese accounts and installing the translation patch is a whole lot easier than trying to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 to run in NA. And he began since approximately 5pm. I don't know if it was made by him.

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